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How to Convert MHTML to XPS

Provide a URL
To convert MHTML to XPS, you need to provide a URL where the HTML file is hosted.
Specify Conversion Options
You can specify conversion options. Otherwise, the conversion process will occur with the default options.
Run the Example
Click the „Run Example“ button. Your HTML file will be converted to the XPS format.
View the Result
A link to download the result will be available immediately after the conversion is completed. Download the XPS document to view.

About mhtml-to-xps Method

Aspose.Dev HTML Convert API offers an easy to use mhtml-to-xps method with detailed instructions on converting MHTML to XPS in various programming languages, including C#, Java, PHP, cURL, and more. Use your preferred language. You can easily integrate Convert API into applications. Copy our sample code for an instant start. The API allows developers to quickly convert MHTML to XPS, making it ideal for automating conversion tasks.

How It Works

The mhtml-to-xps is the Convert API endpoint responsible for handling MHTML to XPS conversions. Using a conversion endpoint, you communicate your intent to the API, and now it knows which conversion process to initiate and execute. Let’s consider how it typically works:

The mhtml-to-xps endpoint has a certain URL that you send your HTTP POST requests to initiate an MHTML to XPS conversion. The URL: /html/convert/mhtml-to-xps.

To convert MHTML to XPS, you need to provide a URL where the HTML file is hosted and set conversion options to customize the process. If no options are specified, the conversion will proceed with the default options. In this case, the resulting XPS document will have a width and height corresponding to A4 size, and all margins will be set to zero.

Once the Convert API receives your request, it starts the MHTML to XPS conversion process. It parses the HTML file and converts it into XPS format based on the specified conversion options.

After the conversion, the Convert API sends back an HTTP response to your request, including a downloadable link to the converted XPS file.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I convert MHTML to XPS using Convert API?

Our Convert API has been designed to allow you to easily and quickly convert HTML files. To get started, enter the HTML file's URL in the input box and click the „Run Example“ button to start MHTML to XPS conversion. Download link of the result XPS file will be available instantly after conversion.

2. What is the maximum allowed HTML file size for a successful conversion?

Converting big files from one format to another can take some time, so be aware of this. However, we do not impose limits on the HTML file size.

3. How many HTML files can I convert to XPS using Convert API?

The API allows you to convert one MHTML to XPS at a time, thus you can convert one file per request. Convert MHTML to XPS any number of times! But remember, you can only upload one document per operation.

4. Why Convert MHTML to XPS?

XPS is a document storage and viewing format developed by Microsoft. It has many benefits that support security features, such as digital signatures to keep documents more secure and secure. The XPS file format provides access control and allows you to create high-quality printable documents. XPS files can be used to share documents, and you can be sure that what you see on the page matches what other people see when using the XPS Viewer.

Using our powerful API, you can easily convert HTML documents to PDF, XPS, JPG, PNG, Markdown, and more destination formats: